School, oh what a week

So one week till finals. I had my 2nd of the big three math tests. I got a 91% so it looks like I don't have to take the third test. Yeah me. I got my last project for that class done, will turn it in tomorrow. I have a paper to write up for speech but it should be easy. I completed my SCTE final test last night, and then this morning I did the certification test. So much stress off of my shoulders. Soon a week off then summer term starts up. Writing 121, and a intro to computers that is required for my degree. The computer one I have heard is pretty easy as long as you stay up with the class work. The writing I hope will be easy, but am expecting it to be brutal. I am all ready registered for fall. The courses I need are only offered in fall, so if I had missed it I would be out of luck for an entire year. Which then means I can't take the winter or spring classes. So it may be a little premature, but one term down, four to go.

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