So,,,What's new with you?

 So what's new, been living in central Oregon for 3.5 years now, Just had our 2 year anniversary for buying our home. My youngest will soon be a teen, so scary. I feel so old.

 Work has been good, the company got bought out by a huge publicly owned company called TDS. The sale goes through tomorrow I believe. I am really excited about it. I think it will open a lot of doors for me and my co-workers. The benefits appear to be much better, and the company seems like a good place to work for.

 This past winter my wife was able to track down my father who I hadn't seen thence I was about 4 or 5. So we have met a few times, and we are slowly building a relationship. It is hard to have someone just pop back into your life and try to make up for 34 or so years. I am glad my son is getting to know him. I am not a real talkative person and not real emotional at times so it is hard for me to go through this but I am trying. I am having a hard time with the emotions. Part of me is very angry, part of me is I don't know what. Strange sight note, his wife is about 4 month older then I am. That is a bit weird.

 I am currently working on getting my ass back into school. I have completed some SCTE courses(it's a cable thing). I recently won a scholarship from them that is paying for me to take the CompTIA networking certification. It's a ton of info to get into my head in just 12 weeks. It's a online course which makes going back and reviewing material a pain. I am going to go back to college and work on a business degree next term. The new company has a amazing program to help it's employees go to school. It will probable take years and years. I will only be taking 1-2 courses a term, but am going to go year round. So hopefully one day I will have a degree and make something of my self.

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