The broadcast this past weekend of the proceedings of the American Scholars Symposium may have won more members for the 9/11 Truth movement. According to Paul Joseph Watson, whose Infowars partner Alex Jones hosted and moderated the event, the program, aired Saturday and Sunday and due to repeat on Tuesday evening, has generated a whole new audience for skepticism about the official version of the attacks five years ago.

He cites Webster Tarpley, who was a keynote speaker and panel member at the symposium, said: “Let us mobilize to organize the biggest audience ever by an incessant and sustained intervention in radio and television call-in talk shows, by blast emails, by direct personal contact alerts, by public signs, leaflets, and by every other means at our disposal.”

Watson notes concerns prior to the airing of the program, since “the conference was so unrelenting in its hardcore stance on 9/11, that C-Span would be pressured into canning the show.” He calls the airing, and its repeated showings, “another hammer blow to the establishment kingpins who had hoped questions about 9/11 would evaporate as we approach the fifth anniversary of the attack.” - ST

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