Bill would ban chip implantation in employees

Mary Dannemiller

SYCAMORE TWP. — State Sen. Robert Schuler (R — 7th District) recently introduced a bill that would prevent companies from implanting microchips in their employees without their consent.

The Employee Privacy Protection Bill comes as an answer to the company CityWatcher.com’s use of radio frequency identification tags in two employees.

The Walnut Hills-based security company came under fire in February after it was discovered that Chief Executive Officer Sean Darks and another unnamed employee were injected in the forearm with a VeriChip.

The chip acted as an identification card, allowing access to classified areas as a signal transmitted an ID number to a receiver.

The impending law defines “radio frequency identification tags” as silicon chips containing an antenna that stores data and transmits data to a wireless receiver.

A VeriChip can also be used as a global positioning system, the senator said.

“People have to have their privacy. It’s not up to the employer to keep tabs on (employees),” Schuler said.

If passed, the bill would make it illegal for employers to require their employees to be implanted with a chip.

CityWatcher.com’s employees were implanted with the chip voluntarily, which is permitted under the new bill.

“Voluntary use is OK, but sometimes it’s hard to say what’s voluntary and what’s not,” Schuler said.

What the fuck!!!!! Like they need to pass a law about this!!!! And what kind of company would even be considering inplanting chips in there employees?? I'm sorry, if your working for a company that even considers inplanting anything on, or in you, find a new job!!!! I don't care how much they pay, or anything else, there is something seriously wrong, that your not seeing, and you need to get the hell out of there!!!

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